Hypnosis, NLP, Transformational Coaching Sessions in Toronto

Hypnosis, NLP, Transformational Coaching Sessions

Individual hypnosis sessions can help you:
  • by uncovering obstacles that may be buried deep in your subconscious mind, and of which you may not be consciously aware of - through hypno-analysis
  • by bringing out and/or installing resources that may help you to get results faster
  • by helping you to by-pass critical faculty of your mind mind more effectively and access deeper levels of your mind and/or become more intensely focused on your desired outcome while in hypnosis
  • by creating anchors (triggers) that will help you to access deeper levels of your mind on your own, when practicing self-hypnosis
  • by exploring varieties of NLP and other techniques and mind-tricks most suitable to your personality and beliefs that will help you to get the results faster

Hypnosis sessions are held in Toronto and in Montreal, at various locations.
Toronto sessions are usually held at
Healing Arts Centre - 717 Bloor St. West, Toronto - Christy subway station

If you have several issues, consider which one is the most important for you to resolve now.  If you could change anything in your life, what would you change today that would make you feel so good about yourself?
If you have medical or serious mental or emotional issues, please consult with your medical doctor or mental health professional.

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Hypnosis / NLP and coaching sessions are best suited for you if you desire to:
  • uncover and transform inner obstacles
  • improve learning abilities
  • access your inner resources
  • become more prosperous
  • atract love into your life
  • become lucky
  • enjoy better health
  • overcome financial obstacles
  • change behaviors and habits
  • resolve inner conflicts
  • find inner peace
  • become happier
  • change past mental and emotional imprints
  • get the job you desire
  • enjoy better relationships
  • explore past and future lives
  • expand conscoiusness
  • unfold spiritual powers
  • develop mental abilities
  • connect with your spiritual guides
  • bring greater balance to your life
  • reach your goals faster.